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The Grace Library - Click Image to enlargeThe Grace District Library is located at 204 S. Main Street and is open five days a week.  Hours are Mondays from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM and Tuesdays through Fridays from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM.  All residents located within the boundaries of the library district are eligible to borrow items with no fee, and non-residents who are not located in the area served by another Idaho library are charged a $20.00 annual fee for library use.  Overdue fines are charged at 5 cents each day for books, audios, and magazines, and videos are charged at $1.00 per day if overdue.

The purpose of the Grace District Library is to provide current materials and programs to facilitate life-long learning and enjoyment of reading.  The library also has available materials in other formats which promote continuing education for persons of all ages in the Grace area.

The library contains approximately 20,000 volumes.  In addition to the usual books, magazines, encyclopedias and other items you would expect in a public library, the Grace District Library has video tapes, audio tapes, and records.  Fax and copy services are also available, and the library is currently in the process of installing a public access Internet station.

Each Monday at 10:00 AM, a pre-school story hour is provided by library staff and community volunteers.  During June and July, a summer reading program is held each Monday for children of all ages; pre-school through 2nd grade is held at 10:00 AM, and 3rd grade and older meet at 1:00 PM.  Incentives and prizes are awarded to the participants to help encourage continued reading during the summer months.

The library had its beginning in 1940 when a group of local women met and organized themselves as the Grace Literary Club and began to set aside $50.00 each year toward a community library.  By the end of the first year, the organization had collected twenty-five donated books.  Each year, the collection increased in size and was housed in private dwellings until it became too large and was placed in the mezzanine of a local department store.  It was next moved to the old high school library where it remained until 1952 when the old Mortgage and Loan Building became available to the club at no cost except extensive cleaning and painting all provide through volunteer labor.  Opal Taylor became the librarian at this time.

In 1955, the Idaho Legislature passed S.B. 124, the Library Enabling Act, allowing library districts to be formed, and through the efforts of the Grace Literary Club members, who took petitions to local residents to get the required signatures needed, an election was held on August 16, 1955 and passed.  The Grace District Library was formed from commissioners' district and had the distinction of becoming the first free library district in the state of Idaho.  At this time, the Grace Literary Club turned over to the new Grace Free Library District all of its assets consisting of books, cash, and furniture totaling approximately $4000.00, and Alice Sorenson was hired as the librarian.

The library remained in this building while the new library board set aside a certain amount of money each year toward the future purchase of a larger building.  In 1958, when the old Medford home came up for sale, the Library board purchased the building and the library was relocated in the new building that same year.  This location was used until 1972 when the Bannock Stake Welfare Building came up for sale.  Through grant moneys available from the Idaho State Library (Library Services and Construction Act), the community efforts were matched, and the library board was able to purchase and remodel the building with the help of community members who gave generously of their time, money, labor, and cooperation.  The building was purchased from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, remodeled, painted, carpeted, and opened for business on November 1, 1972 with Joyce Fowler as the librarian.  In 1992, aluminum siding and new windows were installed; and in 1996, the roof was reshingled.

Today the library remains an attractive, serviceable addition to the community of Grace.  Linda Rasmussen and Margo May have been the librarians since 1993, and would like to invite everyone to come in and take advantage of the materials and information available.  To contact us, call 208-425-3695.   Our e-mail address is


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