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The Grace area residents are fortunate to have the services of many qualified professionals to assist them in time of trouble or emergency.  In addition, a 911 service is available and dispatchers are trained to answer the calls and page out the appropriate emergency personnel needed.  Grace is served by a new ambulance that is staffed by a volunteer group of 20 Emergency Medical Technicians.  This group spend many hours in training utilizing simulated emergency or disaster situations.  They are constantly upgrading their skills and undergo training to re-certify when needed.

These volunteers work countless hours answering emergency calls and transferring patients from one hospital to another when necessary.  They are also on call at the many school sporting events, rodeos and other events that may require emergency services.  They also provide invaluable training to youth groups such as the Boy Scouts or 4-H.

Grace also has a Volunteer Fire Department consisting of 12 firemen who take call and respond quickly when needed.  They receive many hours of instruction and training and are well trained to deal with fires and other dangerous situations.  They rotate call and someone is answering call 24 hours a day.  The firefighters are occasionally called upon to assist other fire departments in fighting blazes when extra help is needed.  The fire truck is always parked in Grace so it can quickly respond to any emergency.

The Caribou County Sheriff's Office also has a 19 member volunteer group for Search and Rescue.  They are skilled at many types of rescue and prepared to deal with many dangerous situations.  Some members are trained in scuba diving, others are trained to do repelling and some of the members are also EMT's.  It is never pleasant to think about emergencies and the need for help, but it is nice to know that in Grace we have highly trained personnel available whenever they are needed. 

Law enforcement in Grace is provided by the Caribou County Sheriffs Office.  Three deputies reside in Grace along with Ray VanVleet, the county sheriff.  A deputy is assigned to the Grace area 24 hours a day and when assistance is needed, by calling 911 or the sheriff's office at 547-2561, a deputy will arrive shortly.  Crime is thankfully not a big problem in Caribou County, compared to other areas of the country. 

According to crime statistics prepared by the Idaho Bureau of Criminal Identification, there were no homicides, rapes, motor vehicle thefts or robberies reported in Gem Valley in 1995, the last year complete statistics are available.  Among the major or "Group A" crimes reported, there was one aggravated assault, one burglary, ten cases of drug/narcotic violation and four cases of larceny.  Nationally the average rate of major crimes per 1000 population ranges from 50 to 60.  In the area serviced by the Caribou County Sheriff's Office, for 1995 the average rate was less than 10.  This indicates one of the nicest things about living in Gem Valley, low crime rates.  By Diane Anderson.


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