Snowmobiles and Skiing in the Area




Area SnowmobilingThe area surrounding Grace offers a rich variety of snowmobiling and cross country skiing opportunities.  The mountains surrounding Grace are prime winter habitat for deer, elk, moose, and other wildlife.  Snowmachiners should use the utmost caution in approaching wild game.  Please stay on established roadways and give the wildlife ample time to move away before continuing on the trail.  The following is a summary of the more prominent locations for this sport in Gem Valley.

East MountainsANT CANYON ROAD.  This road allows entrance to the Wasatch Mountains and leads to the Eight Mile and Sherman Peak areas.  The trail head is located approximately 10 miles to the southeast of Grace.  Parking is available but limited.  From the parking area you can access a groomed trail leading up Ant Canyon.  From this trail you can branch off to other groomed or ungroomed trails.  Along the way there are open meadows and climbing hills a plenty for both skilled and novice snowmobilers. 

To access this area, go about 10 miles south of Grace on Hwy 34 and turn left or east on the Lago-Liberty Road. You will see a sign.  Continue in an easterly direction on this road for about 3 additional miles to the Ant Canyon Road.  Limited parking is available as you turn up the Ant Canyon Road.

BEAVER DAMS.  Eight miles west of Grace offers a trail system leading to a wide open area called the Beaver Dams.  From the Beaver Dams, there is an easy trail leading to Lava Hot Springs.  For more experienced riders, an unmarked trail will take you up to the top of Mount Baldy.  Here you will enjoy a view of Idaho and Utah that is hard to beat.

To access the Beaver Dams, go 5-6 miles west of Grace on the Turner Road.  Turn left on Hegstrom Road and follow it.  It will curve to the west and shortly thereafter you will reach a T in the road.  Turn south for about 1/4 mile and just before the road drops down, you will see a road going to the west.  Unload there and follow the road to the west with your snowmachine into the Beaver Dam Area.

TEN MILE PASS.  For real wide open riding, you should go north of Grace to Ten Mile Pass.  It has miles and miles of open country which is mostly flat with some small hills and ridges for a change of pace.  This area is very large and you can burn a lot of gas and cover many miles in a hurry. 

To access, go 4 miles north of Grace, cross Hwy 30 at the flashing light, and continue on the old Bancroft Highway for 3 miles to the Talmadge Road by the elevators.  Turn north, cross the railroad tracks, and continue north to the end of the plowed road.  Continue north on your snow machines and you will reach the 10 Mile Pass Road.  You can go east along this road until you have gone beyond the pass and you will observe a lot of wide open spaces on either side of the road.

WASATCH MOUNTAINS. Limited cross-country skiing and snow machining is found in the Wasatch mountains just east of Grace.  To access this area, go east of Grace on Center Street about a mile and a half.  Follow the road to where it turns north on Harwood Road and then continue north to the end of the plowed road where you should park.  This area is abounding with deer during the winter so be careful not to alarm them unduly.  You may also see an occasional elk or moose.  Follow the unplowed road to the north and east.  The trails range from flat and gentle to more advanced and steep as you wind yourself up the mountain trails. 


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